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Francesco Fiori


The Fiori's family has been involved in wine-making for three generations in and around Usini, a well-established wine-making town in the Logudoro area.  Francesco Fiori manages passionately every step of the wine-making process in the 6 hectares Sas Luzzanas, Serra Juales and Serra Aspridda vineyards. Francesco has a personal relationship with the vineyards and aims to combine the traditional values of the territory and its culture with wine-making innovative solutions.

The wineyards, built on the clayey and chalky soil of the hills of Usini, are on average 35 years old.

Vines are trained and grown with the traditional "alberello latino" system. The prevalent white grape is the Vermentino and the red grape is the Cagnulari.

Other available grapes, namely Cannonadu, Pascale, Muristellu and Nieddu Mannu, are assembled with a portion of the Cagnulari and are used for the production of table wine to be sold in bulk.

Carefully selected Vermentino and Cagnulari grapes are used to produce the wine for bottling.

Fiori has started bottling only recently, in 2003, with 3,000 bottles and

production has gradually increased to the current 15,000 bottles.




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